"The TEFL Academy Teaching Certificate is your first step towards a more dynamic lifestyle, where the flexibility and opportunity of a new teaching career allow you to experience life the way it is meant to be lived."

Speaking English is a skill that is in extremely high demand all over the world, and teaching the English language will enable you to work in any country you want. A TEFL Academy Teaching Certification will allow you to fully realize your teaching potential and will open the door to the best job opportunities around the globe. As an English speaker, you are in a rare position to use the power of your knowledge to guide your way through a multitude of cultures and experiences. Let us give you a hand. The TEFL Academy in Santiago, Chile offers a CELTA-equivalent 120-hour teacher certification program that includes six hours of observed teaching practice and three hours observation of experienced teachers in the classroom.

Who We Are

The TEFL Academy strives to combine high-quality teacher-training services and lifelong job assistance for those who seek change and improvement in their lives.  The TEFL Academy is a culturally-sensitive, fun, and challenging organization dedicated to helping eager travelers and career changers realize their dream and potential of teaching and traveling the world by providing the skills and confidence necessary to do so.

What We Do

The main aim of the TEFL Academy training course is to prepare you to teach English in a variety of settings, whether in the host country where you take the course or anywhere else you choose to go. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to teach English to both adults and children in both public and private situations.

Where We Are

The glorious landscape, striking contrasts, and breathtaking panoramas are no match for the warmth and sincerity of the Chilean people.  From Arica to Punta Arenas, this South American sensation has captured the hearts and minds of all walks of life.  Study in Chile and enrich your life.